Why a Long-Term Mindset is Crucial for Digital Marketing in 2020

With today’s global uncertainty and the impending recession concerns, many businesses in nearly every industry will see budget cuts—especially in marketing. In an attempt to get the best possible results within little time, some business owners might also believe that their best option is to use their money on “quick wins” and short-term marketing campaigns while avoiding any long-term strategies, but this isn’t the best course of action.

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The Key to Building Business Relationships in a Disrupted Economy

During a time of uncertainty with a disrupted economy, the strongest tension can be found internally with your employees. One of the best ways to avoid this tension and maintain these relationships is to reach out and let them know the plan of action and operation during this time. With many businesses, the best plan of action is “it’s better we should all suffer a little, than any of us suffer a lot,” according to leadership expert Simon Sinek.

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Website Design Features to Improve Conversion Rate

Getting people to your website is one thing, keeping them there is another story. With the average website visitor remaining onsite for 15 seconds, you have a very short window of time to capture their attention and direct them on a path to conversion. To get a better understanding of your visitor engagement, and to help identify areas for improvement, utilize tools like Google Analytics. Your bounce rate will indicate whether your users are finding what they need out of your website and your average session duration will tell you what pages guests find most engaging.

The amount of time a user spends on your website is a clear indication of the value they receive. Below are a few recommendations to implement on your site that combat a visitors urge to leave.